Europe Future of Young in Rural Area

Europe’s rural areas have one common problem, and that is the migration of the young people. The purpose of the project is to identify the causes of migration in each partner area. Through a joint discussion and active workshops  project partners will try to analyze and identify  the reasons of migration.


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EFYRA study

In continuation there is the presentation of EFYRA Study of prof. Aleksandar Lukić, PhD which is still under construction. At the last event, the draft of that study was presented and the final...

FIFTH EFYRA event – above expectations_2nd day

Considering the fact that the first day went really well, the second day we continued the same way but in more casual surroundings. In the beginning we had a short presentation for the Project...

5th EFYRA event – above expectations_1st day

After all ups and downs from the very beginning of the implementation of this project, we are extremely happy that we managed to complete the tasks set by the project and that we made it to hold our...