Experiences of project participants

November 19, 2022

I am very impressed with the project. Despite the restrictions related to Covid 19, the overall organization was at a good level.
The topics of the events were very interesting and effective for us because North Macedonia is not a part of the EU. Projects like this help us in the future of EU membership and show us the advantages that membership brings, but also the challenges that come with the opening of borders in terms of young people leaving rural areas and country for a better work and better quality of life.

~Simona, N.Macedonia


It was a pleasure to be on all project events, to meet new partners from 7 countries, to had the opportunity to share our experiences, thoughts and problems related to the emigration of young people from rural areas.

~Tamara, Hungary


We made new friends and met new people while working, but also with a dose of fun. We pointed common problems, but also learned about some new opportunities that are available to us. I was most impressed by the professor’s lectures, but also by the presentations of young people who gave a dose of positive energy, gave what is expected of young people to move us older people for the betterment of the community.

~Lidija, Slovenia


I like that the project gathered different nationalities, form European Union and non EU countries. It was interesting to hear a lot of different opinions and situations in countries regarding population in the rural areas, particulary youth population.

~Mari, Estonia