LAG PRIZAG is a Croatian non-profit organization that aims to foster the rural development of 11 municipalities. Members from the LAG come from the economic, civil and public sector. Their mission is to improve the quality of life and foster citizenship in this area. Various civil organizations are a part of LAG PRIZAG: cultural and artistic associations, associations of young people, associations of women, fire departments and sports associations. These associations involve many volunteers in their activities, thus being able to provide a majority of volunteers to participate in projects and engage in the public domain. LAG PRIZAG continuously works on bringing the EU closer to the citizens of its area – by writing and applying projects for EU funding, cooperation in the implementation of ongoing projects, thus striving for local rural development.


The Slow Tourism Trentino Alto Adige Association (STTAAA) points to the rediscovery of a different way of traveling through the promotion of eco-touristic itineraries with slow mobility that invite travelers to choose authenticity and routes marked by beauty, culture and traditions locals. Its President and members write, organize and coordinate European project to increase attention to the beauty of the territories through cultural itineraries, enjoying of agriculture products and a new slow Italian style of life. The members of the association promote sustainability of the territories and useful information on accessibility of accommodation for disable people. The association organize training on Entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing and sustainability.


“Mladi za Marof“ (MZM) is an organization that aims to improve the quality of life of young people and bring their social inclusion and activism on a higher level. The youth’s goals are to develop cultural, democratic, social and ecological conscience among the youth, promote volunteerism, encourage cooperation of young people with different interests and activities and to increase influence of young people on the local community. The NGO has volunteers who participate in various training courses for youth workers. They organize a lot of local events, but also host and cooperate in international youth projects since 2009 through the Erasmus+ Youth in Action program. The youth runs a Center for non-formal learning where they  organize workshops for the local youth in cooperation with a high-school and other local organizations.


Municipality of Krushevo is a town in North Macedonia, with 5507 inhabitants. Main and key activities of the municipality are: local economic development planning, economic policy-making, identifying development and structural priorities, supporting the development of small and medium sized enterprises at local level, establishing and developing a local network of partnership promotion institutions and agencies, cooperation with international organizations, NGOs, humanitarian and other organizations; following all laws and by laws in the field of trade, crafts, tourism, catering and applying them.


Association of citizens “Danube 1245” was established on the 10th October in 2015. It is located in Vojvodina, the Republic of Serbia. Danube 1245 is local actor active on addressing local challenges by formulating and advocating citizens’ activism supporting their active role and participation in local decision-making. It establishes local partnerships providing sufficient expertise in addressing the challenges through common projects, organization of various meetings and usage of toolbox for citizen’s participation. Association works on strengthening the capacity of membership for acting on local, regional/international level. It develops and promotes values, innovative services and support exchange good practices. Danube 1245 develops partnerships and performs various projects under domestic and international cooperation.


Društvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo mesto (Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo mesto) is Slovenian non-governmental and humanitarian organization, working in the public interest in the area of social care, youth and culture. Its mission is to contribute to more inclusive and open society for all. Therefore, two leading programs deal with inclusion of socially excluded groups and with the stimulation of the NGO development and civil dialogue. Activities within the programs are performed by experts and voluntary work thus promoting the values of solidarity, tolerance, voluntarism, active living, clean environment, citizenship awareness and inter-cultural dialogue. DRPDNM is skilled in local, regional, national and international projects as it deals with projects funded by local, national and EU programs and funds. It informs, educates, promotes the NGO sector and social entrepreneurship and strengthens civil dialogue.


The main goal of East-Harju Partnership is to develop their area and to help to create better living and working conditions and possibilities in rural area. Priorities for the period of 2015-2023 are: developing local tourism, improving the use of local resources (focus on local food, people, culture), cooperation (encouraging international and local cooperation). The organization operates in the territory of three small rural municipalities (Anija, Kose and Raasiku municipality) that are situated in the eastern part of Harju county. The population of this area is 18 500 inhabitants.


Municipality of Sopronkövesd is a small Hungarian municipality, with about 1500 inhabitants. Its citizens receive all that’s needed for decent life: urban infrastructure, child and social care, health care, education, fire and civil defense and cultural uplifting. The municipality addresses the needs of citizens and fosters their participation in policy making. Sopronkövesd aims to establish deep bonds across the border for the exchange of valuable knowledge and strengthening of EU’s identity. Taking care of nature, people, engaging through volunteerism and open dialogue is the basis for a successful rural strategy. A unique association which gathers the youth and artists is a perfect example of active citizenship in Sopronkövesd – Kövirózsa Kulturális Egyesület.


RDA Bačka was founded by local self-governments in the region of Backa in order to strengthen capacities of local self-governments and to improve socio- economic development of the region. The main activities of RDA Bačka are: strengthening institutional capacity of local authorities and other organizations relevant to socio-economic development in the Bačka region; support to development and implementation of development programmes and projects at local, regional and international level; strengthening of human capital through training programmes and professional education, especially in the area of small and medium enterprises (SME) sector; project management; as well as support to rural development, development of tourism and other sectors relevant to the socio-economic development of the region.  RDA Bačka is an important subject of socio-economic development in the Bačka region. Accordingly, close and day-to-day cooperation and partnerships with.


Borgo Virgilio is a city of the province of Mantua (Italy). It has the population of 14 660 inhabitants. Borgo Virgilio is a city with an tradition and experience in agricultural and industrial vocation. The agricultural production is characterized by traditional food and wine. Several small and medium-sized enterprises with young enterpreneurs are located in the municipality.

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