Europe’s rural areas have one common problem, and that is the migration of the young people. The purpose of the project is to identify the causes of migration in each partner area through a joint discussion of the project partners and to identify suggestions for preventing youth migration through active workshops. The quality of the analyzes and thematic discussions will be contributed by the experts  (demographers and sociologists) who will be involved in the design of the EFYRA Study. The EFYRA Study will try to make an impact on policy-making at EU level. The project will involve young people who will be actively involved in analyzes and workshops, and the creation of  EFYRA Study.

EFYRA Study will be sent to the national governments of the project partners, the Euro-parliamentarians and to the EU Commission.

The project will last 15 months.

Will be organized 5 thematic events:

1st event LET’S START – presentation of the project and the project partners, creation of sub-topics

2nd event LET’S KNOW RURAL AREA – getting to know the project area, problems, potentials, situation analysis,

3rd event VIEW FROM THE SIDE – what are the problems in the rural areas of the EU accession countries (Serbia, Northern Macedonia).

4th event LET US PROVE THAT WE CAN – workshop on entrepreneurship for youth and potentials of all rural areas – presentation of good practice examples.

5th event A VIEW TO THE FUTURE – Conclusions of the project and answers to the questions: what awaits rural areas? how to prevent migration? what measures to take?


Project start:   01/10/2020.
Project completion:   20/03/2022.
Official language:   English


The project brings together 10 partners from 7 countries:

  1. Croatia – LAG PRIZAG – lead partner
  2. Croatia – Youth Association “Mladi za Marof”
  3. Slovenia – Association Društvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo mesto
  4. Italy – Association Slow Tourism Alto Adige
  5. Italy – Municipality of Borgo Virgilio
  6. Hungary – Municipality of Sopronkovesd
  7. Estonia – LAG Ida Harju
  8. Serbia – The Regional Development Agency Bačka
  9. Serbia- Association of citizens “Danube 1245”
  10. Northern Macedonia – Municipality of Kruševo

Project is co -funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union – Democratic engagement and civic participation, Measure Civil Society Projects, Network of Towns.

Overall budget of the project is 118.440 €

New announcements

EFYRA – successfully realized project

European Future of Young in Rural Area is project co-funded by the European Union program Europe for Citizens - Democratic engagement and Civic Participation, measure Civil Society Projects, Network...

EFYRA STUDY – final document

The result of all project activities, thematic meetings and discussions, presentations by experts, representatives of local authorities, etc., are summarized in the document of the EFYRA study,...