Third EFYRA event – successfully finished

October 5, 2021

From September 30th to October 2nd 2021, the 3rd event under the name ‘View from the side’ was held at the Hotel Norcev on Fruška gora in Serbia.

Considering the still current pandemic, this event was also held online via the Zoom platform so that in total this event brought together more than 100 participants.

On the first day, the audience was welcomed by Ivana Krsmanović – director of RDA Bačka. Before opening a new topic for discussion, Susanne Papp reminded us of a last event – 2nd event which was held online and hosted by Municipality of Sopronkovesd. After a brief results of previous events, representatives of the Local Action Groups from Estonia and Croatia presented the life of young people in the rural area of the LAG, policies from the local development strategy that benefit young people in the LAG area, the examples of good practices as well as the problems faced by young people in these areas. Then followed a workshop held by Dario Žmegač which divided the participants into 3 groups that discussed the main problems faced by young people in rural areas after which the conclusion of all three groups was that the main problem for young people in rural areas is the lack of jobs.

The second day started with welcoming speeches by Ivana Krsmanović – director of RDA Bačka, Čedomir Božić, Provincial secretary of Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry and Nevenka Benjak – president of LAG Prizag. After that, project manager of RDA Bačka Andrea Stijepić briefly introduced us to this 3rd event whose main goal was to get to know the problems in the rural areas of the EU accession countries (Serbia and North Macedonia). The situation in the Republic of Serbia was presented by following:  Slobodan Živanović, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management; Jasmina Miljković, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and Mladen Petreš, Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry  And about the situation in rural areas of the Republic of North Macedonia talked :Daniela Cvetanoska, LAG Agro Lider and Tatjana Hasanu, Municipality of Krushevo.

The presentations were followed by a Panel „Rural Voice“ where participants shared thoughts, different viewpoints about previous presentations and various solutions regarding stated problems. After lunch Round table “Rural Voice”: LAG Networking was held hosted by Association Danube 1245. In the afternoon, participants visited a museum of beekiping – “Wine House Živanović” and winery “Bajilo” as a good practices in the field of vinery and agriculture in Sremski Karlovci.

On the third day there was a short partner meeting. The project consortium had a very productive meeting where conclusions from the 3rd Event were made and  discussion regarding the following events, networking and dissemination.

The event finished with organized walk with a guide on Fruška gora where participants had the opportunity to learn about the natural values of this national park and socialize on the international level.